Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cirriculum for 1/24-1/28/11

Monday 1/24/11
Premath- Rectangle Fraction puzzle
Language- C,D
Numbers- 2 & 3

Put rectangle shapes puzzle together
Worksheet for words that start with the letter C & D
Colored 0 & 1 worksheet and counted 2 & 3

Tuesday 1/25/11
Nursery Rhyme- Twinkle, twinkle little Star
Science- Hear the outdoors
Safety theme- Stranger safety

Sing Twinkle, twinkle little star throughout the day
Go outside and close your eyes and say what can be heard. I will write down what is said
Discuss stranger safety-
*the importance of not keeping secrets from parents
*talk about having a secret code word so if someone says they have parents permission to take child
*good hugs and touching versus bad touching. remind that parents and doctors might have to examine a private area if child is hurt.

Wednesday 1/26/11
Art- Rhonda Rectangle
Gross motor- Jump
Color- White & Blue

Glue faces on rectangle shapes
Show child how to properly jump
Color pictures using blue and white paint

Thursday 1/27/11
Music- Blues
Character Ed- Being Helpful
Spanish- Caballo & Dedo

Listen to blues music while talking about being helpful
Introduced into what Caballo is and used the word throughout the week
Introduced into what Dedo is and used the word throughout
the week

Friday 1/28/11
Creative Expression- Paint snowy Rectangles
Cooking- Graham crackers

Paint rectangles with blue & white salt paint
Frost graham crackers and explain that they are rectangles

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cirriculum for 1/17-1/21/11

Monday 1/17/11
Premath- Into into Rectangle shape
Language- Letters A&B
Numbers- 0 & 1

Decorated and colored rectangle shapes for a collage
Worksheet for words that start with the letter A & B
Colored 0 & 1 worksheet and counted 0 & 1

Tuesday 1/18/11
Nursery Rhyme - 3 Little Kitties
Science - Freezer bag fun
Safety Theme - Stranger safety

Sang and listened to 3 Little Kitties nursery rhyme
Placed miscellaneous items in a freezer bag with water and placed it in freezer
Stranger safety- Define stranger, they can look nice and be friendly and maybe offer candy but a stranger is someone she doesn't know. Also discuss:
*Opening the doors at home when the doorbell rings or someone is knocking
*Getting into the car of a stranger.
*Ask for help in finding a lost pet
*Tell a child they are hurt and ask for help. (Remind children they should run away if this happens and tell their parents so they can help if the person really is hurt.)
*Tell a child they will hurt their mommy, daddy, or brothers and sisters if they don't do what they want
(Have children practice screaming "no" or "you are not my mommy/daddy" very loudly. Discuss why they need to be loud.)

Wednesday 1/19/11
Art- Rectangle Stamps
Science - Freezer bag "I Spy"
Color - Blue & White

Make rectangle stamp art using white and blue paint
Have child point out the items that are frozen in bag that we put in there yesterday

Thursday 1/20/11
Music- Jazz
Math Activity- Matching mittens
Spanish word- Agua (water) & Boca (mouth)

Play Jazz music while playing matching mittens game (mitten cutouts in different colors)
Introduced into what Agua is and used the word throughout the week
Introduced into what Boca is and used the word throughout the week

Friday 1/21/11
Cooking- Bake sugar cookies
Geography- Penguin story

Bake and decorate sugar cookies
Have Juli tell me a penguin story while I write it out

Monday, January 3, 2011

Official day 1 of homeschooling...

Not sure what to expect today. Here is the timeline of what happened and what was done today...

6am- woke up with hubby, made breakfast and packed lunch for him along with laying out his clothes.

7am- shower for me before Juli wakes up.

7:45- make lesson plan for Juli. (I don't have anything set in stone and no real "curriculum" as of yet).

8:30- Juli wakes up.

8:45- Breakfast for me and Juli.

9:15- Get Juli dressed, hygiene and grooming.

10am- Run errands

11am- School Starts
*Match items that are the same
*Match items that are different but belong together
*Different Sizes worksheet
*Counting numbers
*Alphabet A&B

12pm- Lunch
*Juli works on puzzle until lunch is ready

1pm- Story time "Rapunzel"

1:15- Nap time

Daily chores:
*Wash breakfast/lunch dishes
*Straighten up/declutter
*Clean Bathrooms
*Clean Kitchen

2pm- Juli has free play while I finish daily chores, she will also help with them.

4:30- Number puzzle

5pm- Start dinner for me and Juli

6pm- Start dinner for hubby

6:30- Family time

8:30- Juli bedtime

I usually go to bed about midnight.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Holidays...

have been hard on me this year. Yes, I am blessed and we were able to "help Santa" plenty for Juli and the rest of the kiddos in our family, but I am still in this funk and feel really worthless. My hubby is very supportive and tells me to just move on and that the company I was working for isn't worth it. I know he is right, but its still so hard to devote yourself to doing the best job you can for 6years and still getting the boot once you make your job seamless.

I know with time, it will be less of a stinger, but having received my belongings from said company via Fedex and all my breakables all broken and my plant 80% dead - wow, that was a big slap in the face...

Monday, December 20, 2010

The unexpected...

Losing my job was so not what I was expecting today, but it happened. I made my job too efficient. I am in a funk and hope to be out of it soon... I have lots of great things going on to be so sad...

I have an amazing, supportive husband.
I have a beautiful, healthy daughter.
I am having a healthy pregnancy and baby boy.
I have a loving family.
I have a beautiful home.